Devil’s Touch

Will Detective Linda Killsworth survive in Port Townsend?  Find out in the first book in this spiritual mystery series!

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Witches Touch

Something wicked has come to Port Townsend.  And Detective Linda Killsworth must stop it.  Find out how her detective skills and faith save PT from destruction.

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Fall’s Touch

What happens to three young men after robbing the Devil? What must Detective Linda Killsworth do to help? Find out in the upcoming book, “Fall’s Touch”.

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Mermaid’s Touch

Jonathan Farmer needed some time by the pond. What he saw next put him at the bottom of it. Learn how this happened in “Mermaid’s Touch”.  

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Angel’s Touch

The fight in the sky caused an item in heaven to fall to earth. Detective Linda Killsworth must find it before demons.  If not, hell will break loose in Port Townsend.  See if she can pull it off in “Angel’s Touch”.

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Dragon’s Touch

The scream from Fort Worden scared the couple on the beach. Would they escape in time to share what they saw next? See for yourself in “Dragon’s Touch”.

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Graves Touch

Death wants three women in Port Townsend.  Only faith, community and detecting skills will stop it.  Learn why the graves in PT open in “Graves Touch”.

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Pumpkin’s Touch

Who knew Pumpkin’s could be so lethal?  Detective Linda Killsworth has a theory.  Follow her to the solution in “Pumpkin’s Touch”.

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Faerie’s Touch

Chuck swore he saw a pair of small eyes spying on him.  As he approaches the bushes in Fort Worden, his life is changed forever.  Find out what he saw in “Faerie’s Touch”.    

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